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The Hanover CREW Foundation strives to find ways to improved the overall health, wellness, and mental well-being of our Emergency Responders. Our mission is to emplace a mechanism to aid our Emergency Responders and their families when in crisis. Recent events have caused us to suffer our first Line of Duty Death (LODD) with additional members of our Emergency Response community requiring long term medical and mental health treatment and services.


In order for us to meet these mission goals, we require the help and assistance our the public (private citizens, organizations and business partners) in raising funds to conduct our activities in this cause.

Our Foundation have no members, but is governed by a Board of Directors, from affiliate organizations and community leaders, charged to conduct business on the Foundation's behalf. Our mandate is to ensure that all members of the Hanover emergency Response community are cared for and supported during times of crisis. Additional information on the CREW Foundation can be found in our By Laws.


Your support, both activity and financial, will go toward helping us make our mission a reality. Your contribution are tax deductible and more information on our organization (Meeting minutes, board biographies, and announcements) can be found on our Facebook page at:

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